Would You Hear My Voice Come Through The Music?


Two boys with a dream of playing in the NFL.  One grew up to become the quarterback of the San Diego Chargers.  The other–you know the rest.

A lot has happened since we last spoke.  The schedule was released, the latest in the NFL’s series of made-for-tv events which are intended to keep people talking about pro football all year round.  Of course, you and I don’t need such tricks since the Chargers are never that far in the back of our minds.  So what to make of the Bolts’ upcoming slate of games for the 2014 season?  It’s tough, that’s for sure.  But we already knew that, FAITHFUL READER.  The only thing we learned last month was the order in which the games were to be played.

The biggest difference between this season and last will be the final month.  Most of us, myself included, thought that the Chargers were finished after their loss at home to the Bangles.  But they rattled off home wins against the Giants, Traitors and Queefs and won a crucial game at Denver.  I don’t need to remind you of what it took for those wins to actually mean anything.  Who knew that the Giants would be that bad or that Eli Manning could still elicit such hatred from the home crowd?  By the way, I haven’t watched the NFL Network’s “Caught In the Draft” 2004 special yet.  At first I thought it would be too painful to sit through, like LT’s “Football Life.”  But just as was the case with that show, I had to see it for myself.  I have seen Rivers in the commercial saying that he find out about the trade right before everybody else did.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, the schedule.  This season has a hell of a December.  If the Chargers get back to the playoffs, no one will claim that they don’t deserve it.  Even though my experience in Washington should have scared me off for good, it seems that I will be making my return trip to western New York for the game at Buffalo.  It’s only the third week of the season, so hopefully my appearance won’t fuck up the entire year.  Plus, it’s Springsteen’s birthday that Sunday.  I may make the trip to Baltimore, but I’ll play that one by ear.  The only other time I saw the Bolts play the Ravens was 2000.  We won a single game all year and they won their first Super Bowl.

The draft is obviously tomorrow night.  I’ve made no secret of my disdain for the increasing hype that that now accompanies it.  As you know, the only draft I attended in person was the aforementioned 2004 one.  Incidentally, here’s an interesting take on that draft that I somehow missed.

Yeah, the idea of Rivers playing in Oakland makes me sick too.  The reasons that I don’t really get into the draft are many.  For one, I recognize that it’s another televised event that the NFL uses to keep our unparalleled interest up.  I also think that it’s the biggest example of people talking about shit that they really have no idea about.  Mayock, McShay and Kiper have all made names for themselves based on this most inexact of sciences.  The combine, pro days and endless hours of game tape don’t prove a thing.  No one really knows how any of it will translate once the fall rolls around.

I get that some people LOVE the draft.  They enjoy playing GM and participating in mock drafts.  For me, it’s the part about football that I enjoy the least.  I also don’t play any fantasy sports.  To me, the only fantasy team are the 52 guys who finally win a Super Bowl for the Chargers.  But even though I don’t really find all the draft hype significant, I am well aware of how important the draft is.  It’s especially crucial to the Bolts this year since they didn’t do that much to upgrade via free agency.  There has been a lot of talk of the Chargers trading down at #25.  I don’t know much about Nix, but he seems like a solid pick.  I was listening to SVP and Russillo today and the latter made a good point that no fanbase  really gets excited about a pick on the offensive or defensive lines when it happens.  However, we know how important a nose tackle.  Cam Thomas always struck me as a fraud, so I don’t think it will be too hard to replace “Baby Zilla.”

Anyway, we’ll start talking a lot more often after tomorrow.  I don’t know if you saw this genius story about NFL trying to allow fans to talk to the commissioner before the draft.  I just love that someone asked him when the McRib was coming back.

Till the next time we say goodbye,




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