Even The Purest Of Romantics Compromise

I pointed it out on Twitter once it was announced that the oft-bootleged movie "Sunshine Daydream" would be in theaters on Jerry's birthday that Philip Rivers could learn a little something from Garcia's focus.  Of course, the Veneta 1972 show was an occasion where he was especially sharpened psychedelically.  During Dark Star, you can see on the video that The Fat Man ignores the naked guy fucking the speaker stack behind him like a quarterback feeling the rush as the pocket breaks down.  Nonetheless, I apologize for the indelible image that you won't be able to get out of your head from now on.

Anyway, there's been way too much going on with the Bolts for me not to comment.  Everything out of minicamp sounded really positive, but it does every year.  However, Te'o was finally unveiled to the media without a hitch.  This piece from the U-T was about as glowing as anything I have read about the Chargers in a long time.  Let's just hope it's warranted.  Maybe I'm just being my usual stubborn self, but I actually think they could be pretty good this season.  It's like the groundskeepers from Major League said about the Indians, maybe they won't be that shitty.  I also think that it's insanely premature for everyone to be crowning Denver already.  It's not as if Peyton Manning had such a great postseason record before he went there.  Welker has had his share of drops in the playoffs that have resulted in him having no rings thus far.  Vasquez was good, but never great.  He's only great when you consider who we were left with up front.  Phillips can take his meaningless bowling celebration and overactive Twitter account with him.  Jammer went from being a guy who was constantly flagged to one who got burned twice in the playoffs to a very solid player.  He played well in the 2007 playoffs (after he let Caldwell get behind him the January before) and played well against Indy when Cromartie had his head up his ass.  In the loss at Pittsburgh, Jammer got hurt and the Steelers abused Cletis Gordon as a result.  Fuck, Jammer was the only guy who picked off Sanchez in the next season's playoff loss.  Sadly, Rivers gave the ball right back.

I know I begin every post with another depressing lesson in Charger history, but you can't look at this team without considering where it's been (and where it hasn't been) over the last decade.  I don't agree, by the way, that Quentin Jammer should be inducted into the Chargers' Hall of Fame.  Acee mentioned it in one of his pieces as an inevitability.  I was supposed to see the new Superman movie this weekend, but our sitter had to cancel.  I hear it's not that good anyway.  As I read Entertainment Weekly's tribute issue to the Man of Steel, I noticed that they left Ben Affleck out of the list for portraying George Reeves in Hollywoodland.  It wasn't a great movie, mainly for the Adrien Brody subplot, but Affleck was good.  Where else can you see Superman drinking from a flask?

I'm happy to read that Rivers is seriously considering playing with the gloves full time.  I didn't realize that the only game he didn't wear them in was the Carolina game.  I don't think that was the only reason he sucked that day, but I think he should pick up any edge he can at this point.

I had to laugh when I read that Ryan Mathews has been getting threatening Tweets.  On one hand, it's in horrible taste to say that someone should die from AIDS.  On the other hand, I'm happy to see that Boltheads still have the fire right now.  Bill Johnston's "chill pill" post deserves re-mentioning since everything the fans feared came true.  But at least it forced The Organization to fire Norv and AJ.

It's nice that Ryan Mathews is finally admitting that he's been a disappointment.  Actually, I believe the term he used was "average back" who is still looking to distance himself from his Hall of Fame predecessor.  I guess if he really wants to escape the ghost of his childhood idol, then he wouldn't want to buy LT's house.  It sounds like LaDainian is still having trouble unloading it. 

Speaking of running back, I can't believe Michael Turner has no job.  Everybody who faulted AJ for keeping LT and letting Turner go has to remember that there would have been a complete mutiny if LaDainian was let go after the 2008 season.  It was an ugly enough public relations situation after the '09 season.  If Turner had scored in the AFC Championship on 3rd and goal instead of being tackled by the late Junior Seau, things might have been quite different.  Even though it still stings to think about him doing the LT touchdown celebration last year against us, I bet we could get him dirt cheap after his DUI plea.  When I floated this idea on Twitter, I was reminded that Willis McGahee is also available.  But he was cut from Denver for "health issues," so I don't know if he'd be a good fit.  In Mathews, we already have a running back with health issues.

The other recent news was that our embattled team doctor finally stepped down.  If haven't read the Deadspin piece on David Chao, it's pretty terrifying.  Is it any wonder that Merriman was allowed to do whatever he wanted to on his watch.  Speaking of which, after our former linebacker was hospitalized due to "dehydration," I saw in the comments section of one of the U-T pieces that someone had heard from a local bartender that Merriman had once come in and downed an insane amount of tequila shots in a row.  Honestly, I wouldn't doubt it.  I remember before our last playoff game reading Merriman's quote that he'd let the Jets do the talking and he'd bring his lunch pail and let his work speak for itself.  Well, that photo of him all swollen walking off the field is a perfect reminder of everything that went wrong that day.  Sadly, it's a reminder of everything that's gone wrong with this team overall.

I know, there I go again getting all negative.  You can't blame me, though.  The long-awaited fourth season of Arrested Development finished off really strong.  My only complaint was with the character arc for Gob and the omission of Franklin.  However, Mitch Hurwitz claims Franklin will return and I tend to believe him.

As opposed as I was to the Te'o  draft pick at first, I might be coming around.  You've gotta respect him showing up to the Maxim party to honor his fake girlfriend's selection to their Top 100.  When he said he just wanted to go to Vegas with some friends and check it out, he almost sounded like a normal kid.

That's all for now.  I'm actually going to Philly on Friday to see the Stones show and then Sammy and I are taking the kids on vacation for a week.  I'll be sure to come out swinging when I return.

Until then, chill till the next episode.



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