The King, Fozzie, Woodhead and Cox, et al

Every year is the same And I feel it again, I'm a loser – no chance to win. Leaves start falling, Come down is calling, Loneliness starts sinking in. Sorry it's been so long since I've posted.  Those who have been Justice Leaguers for many years know that this is my least favorite time of […]


It Doesn’t Feel Like Super Sunday Any More

There was a time where I used to say that the Super Bowl was the greatest day of the year.  But that was before the Chargers started making the playoffs.  Once they did, but were unable to do anything with it, Super Sunday stopped being special.  It became a day that reminded me of everything that […]


There Ain’t No Point In Looking Behind Us, No

Wow, there was time when Philip could actually throw on the run–sort of.  This shot is obviously from the 2007 win at Indianapolis.  In many ways, it's the game that ended up leading us where we are right now.  I noticed in the comments from my last post that Daniel Chang thought Norv was being […]


Well, We’re Waiting…

I know I haven't made an official post since Norv and AJ were canned on New Year's Eve.  According to NFL Playoff Betting Lines, Denver is favored to win it all.  While they're the only team I don't want to see win the Super Bowl, I can't really get too upset about it.  I wrote […]


I Would Ask The Same Of You, But Failing Will Not Die

Might as well end this thing the way it began.  I'll post some photos from my trip to the game last week in the coming weeks.  It's a fucking travesty that a home game against the Traitors on December 30 is meaningless.  But that's what this era of Charger football has done.  I was certainly […]


Knocked Down, It Gets To Wearing Thin

The last time I traveled to New Jersey to see the Chargers face the Jets was 1994.  They were playing to clinch the AFC West after being unable to close it out on Monday Night against the Traitors.  I’m sure you remember, FAITHFUL READER.  That was the only time that season that the Bolts lost […]


Maybe You Find Yourself Sick Of All This Repitition

What's really left to say about this team?  They're so monotonous that I find myself reusing song titles for names of my posts.  While I am still going to the game next Sunday out in Jersey, I have no desire to see this group do anything but be put out of their misery.  Seriously, Dean […]


I Can’t Figure Out, Is It The End Or Beginning

http://youtube.com/watch?v= v270l2ILw7U[/youtube] I was about to spend this week’s post talking about how hopeless being a Charger fan feels right now.  Fucking Nick Lachey is talking shit about us.  As bad as the Bolts are right now, I felt I had to say something to him.  He had Tweeted that he got kicked out of […]


Don’t Call For Your Surgeon, Even He Says It’s Too Late

This was the scene right before kickoff last Sunday.  Remember after “The Indecision,” how all the Norv apologists (I’m looking at you, Nick Canepa) said that if the team started winning in the fall that all would be forgiven?  Well, once the Chargers shat the bed in New Orleans there was no chance of that.  […]


We Should Have All Seen This Coming

I guess at the end of the first half of the New Orleans game, I thought this team might deliver on a promising start.  But New Orleans has a horrid defense and the Bolts STILL couldn’t finish them off.  Denver?  The Bunkos’ kick returners, which looked shaky again last week, helped us get that 24-0 […]


The Autumn Of Our Discontent

Some people might wonder why my frustration with the Chargers has gone beyond the owner, coach, general manager or players and on to the local media.  Why would I care what Kevin Acee says about the team?  Well, FAITHFUL READER, it would appear that our cries for change are ignored by Dean Spanos.  Acee has […]


Tampa Deux?

I know I’m getting a lot of mileage out of the mug shot.  I never really paid much attention to the date on it.  I guess he wasn’t booked until about a month after he was cuffed.  Sadly, he was later cuffed by Revis and the Jets that same day.  But I don’t need to […]



I rarely write immediately after a game, but this has been building for quite some time.  What makes me the most upset about today’s game is that I’m always conflicted while watching.  Earlier in the season, I felt like this team could become a different one from the squad we saw last season.  But  as […]


The More That You Give, The More It Will Take

To the thin line beyond which you really can’t fake. I know I used the “Fire On The Mountain” reference last week, but the Bolts are even more disappointing right now.  The Hurricane kept me from going to Cleveland.  Even before kickoff, this proved to be the right decision.  LaGuardia was closed on Sunday night […]