And It Don’t Matter Just What You Say, Are You Tough Enough To Play The Game They Play? Or Will You Just Do Your Time And Fade Away?

{audio} Let Me Clear My Throat.mp3{/audio} The last time the Chargers played Dallas in the regular season, it looked like we were on the verge of finally doing something in the playoffs.  That was the game where Brandon Siler smacked the shit out of Tony Romo, the Chargers had a goal-line stand, Rivers led the […]


Is There Anything To Be Excited About At This Point?

This was the 1998 game at Philly.  I went to the 1995 one, but couldn't find any photos from it.  That was when the Eagles had Ray Rhodes as coach and I remember listening to the radio on the way home as the postgame announcers blasted him.  They were saying "he talks all tough, but […]


This Will Bring Me Ruin Though I Suppose It’s Pleasing

It's just the same old movie Been playing here for years I could use a change of scenery But when I get there I'm still here Yes, I'm actually quoting Bob Weir's "Bombs Away."  That's also where I got the title of this week's post.  It's cheesy, but not all that bad.  The same could […]


Welcome To Mike and Tommy’s Summer Camp

Yeah, I know the shirt’s a little aggressive, but so am I.  I don’t even hate Phish so much as I just appreciated the football fan mentality applied to supposedly peace-loving music.  This Thursday would have been Jerry Garcia’s 71st birthday and kicks off the weeklong celebration that ends on the anniversary of his passing.  […]


Even The Purest Of Romantics Compromise

I pointed it out on Twitter once it was announced that the oft-bootleged movie "Sunshine Daydream" would be in theaters on Jerry's birthday that Philip Rivers could learn a little something from Garcia's focus.  Of course, the Veneta 1972 show was an occasion where he was especially sharpened psychedelically.  During Dark Star, you can see […]


The King, Fozzie, Woodhead and Cox, et al

Every year is the same And I feel it again, I'm a loser – no chance to win. Leaves start falling, Come down is calling, Loneliness starts sinking in. Sorry it's been so long since I've posted.  Those who have been Justice Leaguers for many years know that this is my least favorite time of […]


It Doesn’t Feel Like Super Sunday Any More

There was a time where I used to say that the Super Bowl was the greatest day of the year.  But that was before the Chargers started making the playoffs.  Once they did, but were unable to do anything with it, Super Sunday stopped being special.  It became a day that reminded me of everything that […]


There Ain’t No Point In Looking Behind Us, No

Wow, there was time when Philip could actually throw on the run–sort of.  This shot is obviously from the 2007 win at Indianapolis.  In many ways, it's the game that ended up leading us where we are right now.  I noticed in the comments from my last post that Daniel Chang thought Norv was being […]


Well, We’re Waiting…

I know I haven't made an official post since Norv and AJ were canned on New Year's Eve.  According to NFL Playoff Betting Lines, Denver is favored to win it all.  While they're the only team I don't want to see win the Super Bowl, I can't really get too upset about it.  I wrote […]


I Would Ask The Same Of You, But Failing Will Not Die

Might as well end this thing the way it began.  I'll post some photos from my trip to the game last week in the coming weeks.  It's a fucking travesty that a home game against the Traitors on December 30 is meaningless.  But that's what this era of Charger football has done.  I was certainly […]


Knocked Down, It Gets To Wearing Thin

The last time I traveled to New Jersey to see the Chargers face the Jets was 1994.  They were playing to clinch the AFC West after being unable to close it out on Monday Night against the Traitors.  I’m sure you remember, FAITHFUL READER.  That was the only time that season that the Bolts lost […]


Maybe You Find Yourself Sick Of All This Repitition

What's really left to say about this team?  They're so monotonous that I find myself reusing song titles for names of my posts.  While I am still going to the game next Sunday out in Jersey, I have no desire to see this group do anything but be put out of their misery.  Seriously, Dean […]


I Can’t Figure Out, Is It The End Or Beginning v270l2ILw7U[/youtube] I was about to spend this week’s post talking about how hopeless being a Charger fan feels right now.  Fucking Nick Lachey is talking shit about us.  As bad as the Bolts are right now, I felt I had to say something to him.  He had Tweeted that he got kicked out of […]