Is There Anything To Be Excited About At This Point? (Part II) 1VL7BB7_I-o[/youtube] I can't take credit for the fake iPhone screens from the players to Norv.  They were on Twitter last year, but the fact that they're still relevant is pretty telling.  I don't feel like we're any better off right now than we were last December.  That fucking sucks. JIC, RLW


Alive II m46gy3hF1nk[/youtube]


Charging Towards the Casinos

The San Diego Chargers have had a rocky season so far, to say the least. The Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans and Washington Redskins have all pulled out wins against the Chargers in early-season games. While the Chargers have yet to establish a serious winning streak this season, they seem to play a lot better at […]


Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

That translates into "Let justice be done though the heavens fall."  It was referenced in the film JFK.  I think I'm one of the few people who read Jim Garrison's book On The Trail Of The Assassins, on which the movie was based.  I'm just trying to be topical, here.  I have no idea whether […]

[Ten Awesome Gatefolds] #02   Tres Hombres Inner

How Long Must We Sing This Song?

I'm not really a U2 fan, but the title seemed appropriate.  However, I do love ZZ Top and think that the gatefold from the Tres Hombres album which you see to your left sums up their musical style to a "t."  I'm not that into the Eliminator stuff, but they play the hell out of […]


Walk Tall Or Don’t Walk At All

Oh, Antonio, if I only knew when I took this that you would be on the receiving end of one of the two stupidest fucking playcalls I have ever seen in all my years of watching the Chargers.  This link to Ken Wishenhunt's comments on Thursday may be dead by the time you read this, […]


The Monsters Are Due On Murphy Canyon Road

You scared frightened rabbits, you. You're sick people, do you know that? You're sick people, all of you. And you don't even know what you're starting here because let me tell you, let me tell you, you're starting something here that, that's what you should be frightened of. As God as my witness, you're letting […]


Last Train To Jacksonville

                                  The combination of Sarah's birthday being on Monday and all the celebrations being this weekend, I had to resort to video.  I will be watching the game, but possibly with my son in tow.  Tweets may be limited.  […]


We’re Up All Night To Get Sucky

January, 2008.  Every time someone mentions that the 2006 team was our best shot to win it all, I remind them of how soft that team was in the head.  They were far from poised and resilient and it showed.  Of course, if they had just kept feeding LaDainian on 1/14/07 maybe things would have […]


Something In The Night

Sunday Night would be the one time that a Chargers snuggie would not be such a bad idea.  Unfortunately, FAITHFUL READER, they are no longer making them.  A responsible person would say that there is no way they would watch a game that kicks off at 11:30 PM on a weeknight.  Fortunately for you, I […]


And It Don’t Matter Just What You Say, Are You Tough Enough To Play The Game They Play? Or Will You Just Do Your Time And Fade Away?

{audio} Let Me Clear My Throat.mp3{/audio} The last time the Chargers played Dallas in the regular season, it looked like we were on the verge of finally doing something in the playoffs.  That was the game where Brandon Siler smacked the shit out of Tony Romo, the Chargers had a goal-line stand, Rivers led the […]