Well Dean, You Thought The Last Game At Oakland Was So Important…

Seriously, so much of what the Chargers did (or didn’t do) in 2012 rested upon a seemingly meaningless New Year’s Day game in Oakland.  While the Traitors needed the game in order to make the playoffs and it’s always great to beat them, the game really didn’t have significance for the Chargers.  Actually, it apparently […]


Amani Toomer’s Favorite Quarterback Comes To Town

Sam and I are taking the kids to Martha’s Vineyard for the week tomorrow.  This means seven days of Jaws references, cigars and tequila with my dad and one big trip to Costco beforehand.  So as I approached the wholesale club yesterday here on Long Island, I was surprised to get an eyeful of the […]


Jerry Week Ends And Preseason Begins

{audio}{/audio} August 9th: This is of course the anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s passing.  I know this information doesn’t interest everyone, but I find each year that more and more Justice Leaguers have a fine appreciation for his music.  How am I spending this day?  Writing about the Chargers, obviously.  I do have to take Sarah […]


Get Back Home Where You Belong And Don’t You Run Off No More

Ah, home, sweet home.  I wasn’t making a Motley Crue reference.  It just feels good to be here within the Halls Of Justice.  My article on Junior was pretty well-received, as you can see from the Tweet to the right.  It seemed like my tribute to LaDainian also struck a chord, although in a far […]


Theodore Roosevelt And Jerry Garcia: Brothers Under The Skin?

This piece combined two of my interests that are not related to the Chargers.  It was originally written for the Theodore Roosevelt Association (TRA) Journal under the title “The Old Lion And Papa Bear.”  However, it made its way over to American Heritage and was purchased for their website.  It appeared there on April 5, […]


The Week That Made Bruce Springsteen

This piece was originally published on August 13, 2007 to commemorate Bruce’s historic stand at The Bottom Line.  It got some nice reviews and was later used by my favorite Springsteen cover band, Tramps Like Us, to promote their recreation of the August 15th show.   The Week That Made Bruce Springsteen In the Summer […]


Jimi Hendrix Dies–And Lives On

This article appeared on American Heritage’s web site in October 18, 2006 to commemorate the anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s death.  Its original title was “To Kiss The Sky From The Bottom Of The Sea: Remembering Jimi Hendrix.”  Sharon Lawrence, whose book on Jimi is essential reading, contacted me and had some very nice words about […]


Ouzo Shots And Lollipops: The Genius Of Kojak

No quality seems to be presently valued in our society as highly as style.  “Swag,” is only the most recent adjective for it.  Charisma, magnetism, even coolness have all done the job.  In 1973, Telly Savalas, who had previously only been known for playing wackos in Birdman of Alcatraz and The Dirty Dozen, brought a […]


Why I Couldn’t Shut The Door On LaDainian

When I watched the “Celebration Of Life” for Junior last month, I was highly interested in how the crowd would react to the return of LaDainian Tomlinson.  Initially, I was anticipating Rodney Harrison (who famously thanked AJ Smith for releasing him and allowing him to win two Super Bowl rings with the Patriots) to make […]


Bolt Of Inspiration

The death of Junior Seau didn’t come entirely as a shock.  His 2010 “incident,” which ended with him driving his SUV off a cliff, began with allegations of domestic abuse brought by an unnamed 25-year old woman.  It was a far cry from OJ, but it was a little seamy for a guy who been […]


Keep On Rolling, My Old Buddy

I’m sure you’re not surprised to know that this is the car I drive.  Yes, I have 3 other 1994 AFC Champion bumper stickers which I have in the event that we never get any farther than that in the postseason.  I posted a link to this ESPN piece on Twitter yesterday and referred to […]


There’s A Dark Cloud Rising From The Desert Floor

I got my bags and I’m headed straight into the storm.  It’s a Springsteen quote.  You can look it up if you didn’t catch it.  I was about to write the post-draft installment of JIC when I started getting texts about Junior on Wednesday.  Keep in mind that here in New York, I’m the first […]


Fuck Vincent Jackson

My feelings on Vincent Jackson going to Tampa are a microcosm of how I feel about this team right now.  If the latest January implosion two seasons ago anniahalated my hopes that the Chargers had learned from past mistakes, the slide of the last two seasons has buried those hopes.  Norv and AJ getting a […]