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No Time Left Now For Shame

I fully planned to watch the second half of the preseason game via DVR, but found myself staying up until 1:00 AM EST to watch it.  No matter how much I try to manage my addiction to this team, they always win out.  If only it was consistently that way on the field.  I was […]

Chargers Will Host Two Monday Night Football Games In 2015

The San Diego Chargers were a surprise playoff team in 2013, firing on all cylinders down the stretch to grab the 6th seed.  They ultimately would defeat the Cincinnati Bengals in the 1st round, before falling to the eventual-AFC champion Denver Broncos in the Divisional round. Last year, Phillip Rivers and company could not replicate […]

Such A Long, Long Time To Be Gone

I think this could actually be the longest I’ve gone without posting.  However, in my defense, I’ve had some good reasons.  Sam and I went to Aruba for a week without the kids, which was awesome.  But the first thing I saw when we got to the bar at the resort was an ESPN profile […]


Tell Me All That You Know, I’ll Show You

If you go to the 15 minute mark of this week’s San Diego Sports Junkies podcast, you’ll here yours truly rambling on about the Bolts.  I admit that I was talking waaaaayyy too fast and the connection with their “Skypeline” was pretty sketchy.  I can’t even hear what I was saying.  However, the guys were […]


I Currently And Always Have Indentified Myself As A Chargers Fan

This picture had to have been taken after our final loss of the season, right?  I know that Flowers was playing in front of his former fans for the first time, but I have a hard time imaging any Charger smiling after that game.  As a result of that loss, we had the same record […]

AFC West Division Clash San Diego Chargers Most Expensive Ticket

The San Diego Chargers finished 9-7 for the second consecutive season, but unlike 2013, it wasn’t good enough to qualify for the postseason. With the NFL schedule recently being released, the Chargers will look to hit the 10-win mark in their third season under head coach Mike McCoy. With Danny Woodhead returning from a season-ending […]


Luxury Is Temporary, Then It’s Gone

This may be one of the longest stretches I’ve gone without posting.  There’s been some positive reasons for that.  I finally found an agent for my book, which doesn’t guarantee that I won’t need to self-publish it.  However, it’s a big step and one that I wasn’t sure I would be able to take.  Years […]

Chargers Quiet Offseason Leaves Fans Waiting For Draft and Schedule Release

The San Diego Chargers finished the 2014 campaign with a record of 9-7 and in third place in the AFC West. This comes as an extreme disappointment considering their 5-1 start. As always, the Chargers ranked towards the top in overall passing offense, ranking 10th in passing yards per game. However, their run defense was […]


It Don’t Really Happen That Way At All

Remember when we were 5-1 and playing at home against Kansas City?  Antonio Gates claimed after the season that this was the loss that hurt the most.  Brandon Flowers made sure that he played this game against his former team and it was on this hit on Charles that he knocked himself out for the […]


Through The Mansions Of Fear, Through The Mansions Of Pain

The photo is courtesy of JoJo Tarantino.  I don’t if it’s an original, but we don’t have much more than Browns fans to be happy about at this point.  I am sure you are familiar with Cleveland’s “Factory Of Sadness” videos.  I said before Sunday’s loss that it wouldn’t have meant anything to win and […]

Chargers seek win this Sunday for second consecutive playoff appearance

A year ago the San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs both made the AFC playoffs. Heading into Week 17, the Chargers have a more realistic chance at a trip to the postseason. That’s extra motivation for San Diego, but Kansas City can’t be counted out of this intense regular season finale, either, as they […]


Sometimes Your Cards Ain’t Worth A Dime If You Don’t Lay ‘Em Down

Remember when it seemed like we might have a running game?  I know, FAITHFUL READER, I can barely look back that far.  Even as more evidence as to Rivers’ injuries leaks out, I’m still pissed about Sunday’s game.  Denver will never be as vulnerable as they were and we still couldn’t get it done.  Now […]

49ers stand in the Chargers’ way as they look to make a late playoff push

The San Francisco 49ers (7-7) will try to defend home turf against the San Diego Chargers (8-6). Recently, the identity of both teams’ offenses has been lacking. Before last week, the 49ers had turned the ball over five times in two weeks and could only score three points against Seattle at home. Last week, they […]