Multimedia Gallery

Here are some clips (video and audio) to augment and therefore fully enjoy the Justice Is Coming experience:

Visa Hall of Fans halftime presentation (Chargers vs. Seahawks, December 30, 2001)

Channel 6 San Diego interviews Ross Warner. Unfortunately, Burgundy, Fantana and Kind were at Brick’s celebrity golf tournament that day. Luckily, no one died.

A early morning karaoke version of Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian” during the Ross Warner bachelor party. Louisiana native Stan Humphries was contacted, but the asking price (it was to be donated to his charity) was too high. He was offered, however, ALL HE COULD EAT AND DRINK.

Luca’s Top Five Dead Shows (These are links to streaming audio and two of my favorite shows are commercially available now. Therefore they aren’t on here)

1. Fillmore East–February 11, 1970: My real favorite, the late show of the 13th is available on Dick’s Picks Volume 4. But this is an idea of what that show was like. Plus you get Duane and Gregg Allman as well as Peter Green of the original Fleetwood Mac.

2. Broome County Arena (Binghamton, NY)–November 6, 1977: Actually, the aforementioned show at the Fillmore is the BEST show they ever played. My favorite would be the Englishtown show of 9/3/77 which is now on Dick’s Picks Volume 15. However, this Fall ‘77 smokes and is a nice consolation prize.

3. Freedom Hall (Lousville, KY)–June 18, 1974: 1974 is my favorite year for Dead shows. It was also the year my wife was born. Blood On The Tracks, my favorite album, was also released that year as well as my favorite film, The Godfather Part II. We can discuss that selection over the original in another forum. It’s a complicated choice. Anyway, the October 18 show at Winterland I would have chosen is now available on the soundtrack to The Grateful Dead Movie.

4. Madison Square Garden–September 18, 1987: You never forget your first. The best show I ever attended, 10/16/89 at the Meadowlands, can be heard on Nightfall Of Diamonds. This one was the reason I attended 137 more and was easily the best of the year. You will know why I love “Shakedown Street” after hearing this one.

5. Uptown Theater (Chicago, IL)–November 16, 1978: This would have normally been the Stanley Theatre (Jersey City)–September 28, 1972 show which is why I have provided a link to that one as well. However, I’ve gotta have a sleeper pick. In a year of so many forgettable shows, this one crackles with energy.

For soundboard streams of all the other Justice favorites (Allmans, Springsteen, Zevon, etc.), go to Wolfgang’s Vault.