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Justice Is Coming is a labor of love (or obsession). Either way it’s a free ride for all. Even the T-shirts are sold at cost. If you would like to support the site without buying a shirt, or would like to purchase a JIC bumper sticker, just send an e-mail to Learn More Click Here to Pay

Disclaimer: These shirts are totally unlicensed by the NFL, the Chargers or Hollywood Pictures, from which the tagline “Justice Is Coming” and the OK Corral design are taken. That being said, the price of the shirts barely covers the cost of making them and any profits are simply put towards the evolution of JUSTICE IS COMING.There are currently 10 shirt designs. “Justice” t-shirts are 100% cotton t-shirts and are each individually silk-screened. They are $20 plus $5 postage and handling. It is getting harder and harder to get these made because of copyright issues, but if you e-mail me I will try to get these and any other designs made for you.

T-Shirt 1T-Shirt 1


T-Shirt 2T-Shirt2

“Showdown at the OK Corral”

T-Shirt 3T-Shirt3

A classic shot of Wes Chandler running back a punt for a touchdown in the epic playoff win against the Dolphins

T-Shirt 4

“And Justice For All”

With the exception of Justice favorite John Parrella and the man who has made me almost forget about him, Jamal Williams, you won’t see any big names in this classic photo.  Raleigh Roundtree, anyone?

T-Shirt 5

“For Those About To Rock/Chargers Cannon”

Graphic provided by
Tony Jansen and Pete Christopher

T-Shirt 6

“Bolt Your Face: Justice Style”

Graphic provided by Pete Christopher

T-Shirt 7

‘94 AFC Champs Ring
(As seen in the JIC collage)

T-Shirt 8

Justice favorite Stan “The Man” Humphries celebrates a Charger touchdown

T-Shirt 9

JIC 2004:
Steve Foley, Drayton Florence and DeQuincy Scott
show the fire against the Bunkos.

T-Shirt 10

Countown to Justice:
Drayton Florence makes the crucial deflection
as Jerry Wilson snares the interception.  This game essentially locked up the AFC crown for the Chargers for the first time in a decade.  But I don’t need to tell you that, FAITHFUL READER.

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