Norv’s Gotta Go No Matter What

“The past is behind us, the end hasn’t happened yet.  All that matters is now.”  That line comes from this season’s penultimate episode of Boardwalk Empire. I thought of that as I sat down to watch last week’s game.  For a while, those words seemed to serve me well.  I’d be lying if I wasn’t […]


Straight From The Heart, Why Can’t This Be Done?

Yeah, I’m referencing Van Hagar.  It’s nothing compared to the band with Diamond Dave, buttThey have their place–sort of like Survivor.  I won’t discuss Monday’s game, although I will end of watching.  Do I think that the Chargers could pull out a miracle and make the playoffs?  I don’t think it matters at this point.  […]


A Muppet-Themed Ode To The 2011 Chargers

Don’t ask me why Playboy Playmate Sara Jean Underwood is holding a Chargers helmet, let alone an Air Coryell era one.  But I thought it would counteract this kiddie-themed song parody for our pathetic football team. Why are there so many pickoffs and fumbles? and how can it all be Norv? That point’s irrelevant, guy […]


The Chargers Can Make Anyone Look Good…Except For Their Own Fans

It was a perfect capper to my Sunday that I couldn’t even comment on my own site.  The fact that Jay Cutler broke his thumb during Cason’s interception return is also a perfect summation of the Chargers.  Cutler shredded the Bolts, but the rest of the AFC West will get to face the Bears without […]


Are You Gonna Let Jay Cutler Be The Latest To Kick Sand In Your Face?

Yeah, I know that this week’s game has very little to do with that dour fuck of a quarterback, but I thought it would be a nice way to lead things off.  Cutler has been pretty well protected and hasn’t had make too many risky throws this season.  Sound familiar?  I didn’t think so.  By […]


Week 9 Ramblings And Rants

There comes a moment when you see your team defying the odds that reminds you why you became a fan.  You might not have seen anything that whole season to make you believe they could upset a superior opponent when it matters most, but when you realize “holy shit, they might actually do it” it’s […]


Week 8 Ramblings And Rants

In a season where it seems that something crazy happens each week, you’d think it would be the Chargers’ turn to surprise people in a good way.  How many times have we played teams (or watched others play teams) who desperately needed a win.  Those teams simply wanted it more.  It’s been a long time […]

Worst Day Ever? Don’t Forget What Team You’re On, Philip

Norv haters, you might get your wish.  I don’t see them recovering. After hearing the prerequisite “we won’t fumble the snap” jokes on Sirius, I hear Tim Ryan talk about when he was at USC, Rodney Peete did the same thing in the Rose Bowl 2 years in a row.  Did not make me feel […]


Still Ranting And Rambling About Week 7

This pic comes from the site Straight Cash Homey Dot Net.  I gotta say, looks like a pretty genius page.  Anyway, I’ve vented every day this week about the Chargers.  I am sure you saw the Sports Illustrated piece from this week on the Bolts.  This was my response: Sorry, Damon.  Only we can do […]


Monday Morning Rants

I never quote Yahoo! sports pieces, but I felt compelled to link this one.  It was written after the end of last year’s regular season.  You remember, right after the game in Cincy where Rivers threw that costly pick to end the 3rd quarter and Antoine Cason let his man blow right by him?  Thank […]


Week 7 Ramblings And Rants

Since I moved from Manhattan in 2005, I don’t mention as often as I used to my unique perspective of being a Charger fan who has lived his entire life in the state of New York.  In 2002, I wrote a little about it here.  After reading that post, I was immediately transported back to […]


Bye Week Ramblings And Rants

Thanks to my good buddy Bam Bam for help putting together the attached photo which you can download in preparation for next week’s game.  I already distributed it via Twitter and will post it again next week.  Yeah, I think it’s that important.  But we’ll talk about the next game next issue.  I’ve still got […]


Week 5 Ramblings And Rants

{audio}—59-Sound.mp3{/audio} Sorry I couldn’t add much more to last week’s post besides my interview with Marty Caswell.  There were even some topics that got left on the cutting room floor.  I asked about Ryan Mathews, who seemed like he was ready to take over the game at New England before Tolbert’s fumble.  You remember, FAITHFUL […]