There’s A Dark Cloud Rising From The Desert Floor

I got my bags and I’m headed straight into the storm.  It’s a Springsteen quote.  You can look it up if you didn’t catch it.  I was about to write the post-draft installment of JIC when I started getting texts about Junior on Wednesday.  Keep in mind that here in New York, I’m the first […]


Fuck Vincent Jackson

My feelings on Vincent Jackson going to Tampa are a microcosm of how I feel about this team right now.  If the latest January implosion two seasons ago anniahalated my hopes that the Chargers had learned from past mistakes, the slide of the last two seasons has buried those hopes.  Norv and AJ getting a […]


Anger Will Turn To Apathy Which Will Eventually Turn Back To Anger

Welcome to all those who heard about JIC on the Darren Smith show Wednesday night.  If you missed Eric Stangel’s interview, you can hear it here. When you’ve lived in New York your entire life, you get asked many times “How you got into the Chargers.”  It’s like asking people how they became a fan […]

Hope Is Dead

My friend Mike, a Jet fan, said it best: This would be similar to me coming to work, kicking a few people in the balls, vomiting on my boss’s desk, setting fire to the mailroom and sending all my clients Anthrax in the mail…and then having my company decide to retain me for “stability”.  Beyond […]


Dean Spanos, You Are A Disgrace

At this point, it’s not even about whether Norv Turner gets fired.  But this “will they/won’t they” soap opera is pathetic.  First it was “No playoffs, no Norv.”  Then it was about whether they won their last 5 games.  Then it was “Detroit will decide his fate.”  I would have rooted against winning at Oakland […]


Raiders Still Suck

Bye bye, Jordan Todman.  We hardly knew you.  We literally hardly knew you since Norval never found a reason or way to use you.  Once Kevin Acee went on NFL Network in the middle of the season to try to explain what was wrong with Philip Rivers and mentioned the departure of Darren Sproles, the […]


Week 16 Rants And Ramblings

I’ve seen enough I don’t want to see any more. I can’t believe I’m referencing one of my least favorite Springsteen songs.  I know I swore to only talk about tomorrow’s game, but I almost threw up when I read Kevin Acee’s latest column about Dean Spanos reconsidering Norv’s fate based on what happens in […]


Fuck Norv, AJ and Dean

Yeah, that’s me at age 10.  My parents had gotten me some stuff when they went through San Diego.  It was 1981, the season of the “Missing Rings” Chargers but I have the look of a much more experienced Bolthead.  I’m sure you read this column by Kevin Acee today since a few of you […]


And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

In the event you want to brave the stadium on Sunday, Average price for this game $116.52 — down 18% this week and well below the $132 average price for Chargers home games. Thanks to “Pick Your Price” from TiqIQ fans can make an offer of around $75 each for “3-star” tickets and save over […]


Norv’s Gotta Go No Matter What

“The past is behind us, the end hasn’t happened yet.  All that matters is now.”  That line comes from this season’s penultimate episode of Boardwalk Empire. I thought of that as I sat down to watch last week’s game.  For a while, those words seemed to serve me well.  I’d be lying if I wasn’t […]


Straight From The Heart, Why Can’t This Be Done?

Yeah, I’m referencing Van Hagar.  It’s nothing compared to the band with Diamond Dave, buttThey have their place–sort of like Survivor.  I won’t discuss Monday’s game, although I will end of watching.  Do I think that the Chargers could pull out a miracle and make the playoffs?  I don’t think it matters at this point.  […]