The Autumn Of Our Discontent

Some people might wonder why my frustration with the Chargers has gone beyond the owner, coach, general manager or players and on to the local media.  Why would I care what Kevin Acee says about the team?  Well, FAITHFUL READER, it would appear that our cries for change are ignored by Dean Spanos.  Acee has […]


Tampa Deux?

I know I’m getting a lot of mileage out of the mug shot.  I never really paid much attention to the date on it.  I guess he wasn’t booked until about a month after he was cuffed.  Sadly, he was later cuffed by Revis and the Jets that same day.  But I don’t need to […]



I rarely write immediately after a game, but this has been building for quite some time.  What makes me the most upset about today’s game is that I’m always conflicted while watching.  Earlier in the season, I felt like this team could become a different one from the squad we saw last season.  But  as […]


The More That You Give, The More It Will Take

To the thin line beyond which you really can’t fake. I know I used the “Fire On The Mountain” reference last week, but the Bolts are even more disappointing right now.  The Hurricane kept me from going to Cleveland.  Even before kickoff, this proved to be the right decision.  LaGuardia was closed on Sunday night […]


The Quicker It Opens, The Sooner It Closes

My buddy Mike, whose words I quoted extensively before the Sunday Night game at New Orleans game, texted me after the Denver game.  “There are no words.”  After the “chill pill” controversy and the “sticky like,” I told him that I was planning on sharing that.  He laughed and said, “if I had nothing to […]

I Guess I Have To Say Something

What is most upsetting about last night’s game is that I wasn’t surprised.  Many of you weren’t either.  My wife saw that it was  24-0 at the half but knew it wasn’t over.  Tom Twomey told me he fell asleep at halftime but wasn’t shocked at the outcome.  That’s the saddest statement of all.  Diego, […]



Thus far, the Chargers season is a lot like last year’s.  I pointed this out already in my Bleacher Report piece.  Look, I don’t claim to have the answers for this most maddening of teams.  But they still do things that any observer can see are stupid.  My buddy Mike is one of the few […]


Time To Step Up, Philip

{audio}{/audio} And the chains they crash like thunder While the weak ones all retreat Gotta draw first blood Or they’ll read your funeral rights When the lightning strikes I’m still superstitious enough to go with the Aerosmith for the second week in a row.  You probably saw my B/R article already on my continued fears […]


No More, No More

You remember this catch?  Of course you do, FAITHFUL READER.  It was at the end of the first half of the Sunday Night game in 2006.  It is the only time the Chargers have beaten the Steelers since the 1994 AFC Championship game.  It was the first time we saw that Philip Rivers could truly […]


It’s Time To Matter

No, that is not me at the 2004 game against the Falcons.  However, I approve it’s message.  The only tunes I included in this week’s post is a link to the Elvis Bootleg “Cut Me Ane I Bleed.”  If you don’t want to deal with Youtube and want to listen on your own media player, […]


Welcome To Week Two: Lucky I’m Sane After All I’ve Been Through

As I’m sure you’ve discovered by now, I was generally satisfied with what I saw on Monday Night in Oakland.  There is a lot to improve upon, but the biggest thing is that I never felt like the Chargers would inevitably make an asinine play and lose.  That speaks volumes after what we all suffered […]


Well Dean, You Thought The Last Game At Oakland Was So Important…

Seriously, so much of what the Chargers did (or didn’t do) in 2012 rested upon a seemingly meaningless New Year’s Day game in Oakland.  While the Traitors needed the game in order to make the playoffs and it’s always great to beat them, the game really didn’t have significance for the Chargers.  Actually, it apparently […]


Amani Toomer’s Favorite Quarterback Comes To Town

Sam and I are taking the kids to Martha’s Vineyard for the week tomorrow.  This means seven days of Jaws references, cigars and tequila with my dad and one big trip to Costco beforehand.  So as I approached the wholesale club yesterday here on Long Island, I was surprised to get an eyeful of the […]


Jerry Week Ends And Preseason Begins

{audio}{/audio} August 9th: This is of course the anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s passing.  I know this information doesn’t interest everyone, but I find each year that more and more Justice Leaguers have a fine appreciation for his music.  How am I spending this day?  Writing about the Chargers, obviously.  I do have to take Sarah […]