So The Little Got More And More

Yeah, I went to GNR on Saturday, which explains the Mr. Brownstone line.  They sounded good, although I opted for the nosebleeds.  In this case, that was a mistake due to the shitty sound.  They went a little heavy on the Chinese Democracy stuff, which you can do if you have the catalog of Van […]


Attitude’s Legit Cuz I’m Tearing Up Shit

Yeah, I know it’s an N.W.A. reference which indirectly connects to the Raiders.  However, I won’t let those fuckers define me.  I’d like to introduce Joe Messineo, the first outside contributor here in the Halls Of Justice. Joe has been properly vetted for the task. While Joe is a fellow New Yorker, he IS NOT […]


A Quick Update

I’m off to Mountain Jam tomorrow and will write a full post next week.  However, I just wanted to share that my dad’s first scan since his initial diagnosis went really.  There was an 80 percent reduction in the disease (Mantle Cell Lymphoma).  This was obviously great news and I wanted to let you guys […]


Well It Seems Like I’m Caught Up In Your Trap Again Sorry I waited until Draft Day to get this out.  Things have hectic lately, as I just caught Bruce’s final two shows in Brooklyn.  My dad is doing OK.  He’s had a few chemo treatments but there haven’t been any further PET scans yet.  Thanks again for all the well wishes.  I caught the […]


What’s New?

It’s good to be back.  My dad finally got back from the hospital after three and a half weeks, so that’s good.  The version of “Wharf Rat” I’ve posted above is from the forthcoming box set from the Justice Is Coming House Band.  It’s from one of the few shows in the box that have […]


Every Day It Just Gets Harder To Live The Dream You’re Believing In

The 2015 NFL season is officially over, even though the Chargers’ campaign ended after getting blown out at home to the Raiders. At least that’s when I was sure that they weren’t going to the playoffs. But even I couldn’t have predicted a 4-12 season. If I had, I would have assumed that the head […]


It Keeps Getting Worse

As if another soul-killing game last weekend wasn’t bad enough, the Chargers took even more steps backward this week.  Actually, the game itself wasn’t so hurtful.  I didn’t root without reservation for a win, anyway.  It’s not as if I thought they’d fire McCoy as a result.  All a win would have done would be […]


End. This. Now.

Honestly, I didn’t think the Spanoses would fire McCoy.  He’s the worst and has done nothing to change my opinion of him.  He coaches not to lose and very often does.  But last night Alex Marvez of FOX sent out a Tweet that McCoy was done.  I read someone’s response that in the end the […]


I Guess We Were Just Too Much Of The Same Kind

This was a Twitter exchange during the game that officially ended our season.  The long pass and run from Vick, coupled with Addae’s penalty, led to Bell’s run.  That was it right there.  Alan Paul, author of Big In China and One Way Out: The Inside Story Of The Allman Brothers Band is a Pittsburgh […]


Nothin’ We Can Say Can Change Anything Now

Obviously, I’ve had Bruce on the brain as of late.  It’s Saturday night here on Long Island.  Jet fans are undoubtedly getting ready for a game at Dallas.  Even if they didn’t make the playoffs, they are clearly moving in the right direction.  I’m sure Todd Bowles wasn’t happy when the Cardinals won 11 games […]


Four To Go

Yeah, I’m still watching.  No, I can’t tell you why.  If you’ve read my stuff over the last 20 years, you know why.  It’s just who I am.  During last week’s Denver Debacle, I kept my pledge to detach myself as much emotionally from the game as I could.  When the Chargers did something good, […]


Is A Dream A Lie If It Don’t Come True Or Is It Something Worse?

There it is.  That was the exact moment when I finally knew that Mike McCoy could not be the coach of this team.  I’m sure some of you were convinced long before.  His decision to turtle in the Tennessee game in 2013 ended killing us after a long pass (and a dropped pick from Marcus […]


Under Construction I feel I did my part for the cause this week by Tweeting the pic of this guy’s house constantly.  It made it to the news, which may be the same channel I was on in 2002.  I am not even watching the game live today and hanging out with the kids.  I watch […]


LaDainian Still Deserves Better

“This could be the greatest night of our lives, but you’re gonna let it be the worst.” Animal House really is The Godfather of comedy.  It never disappoints and can be used for so many things.  The same cannot be said for the Chargers.  Tomorrow’s game was supposed to be at night (our last prime […]