It Won’t Be Too Long, Whether I’m Right Or Wrong

Yeah, it’s Jerry Week (August 1-9).  But I’ll spare you the music talk this time.  I put a bunch of choice tunes up this week.  The new Bloguin format makes it way easier to include media in each post.  I’ll be sure to pack each week with some excellent music and not only that of The Justice Is Coming House Band. indexIt’s been great to see the Chargers really embrace the fans this offseason.  Of course, there is a lot more energy on our end this year.  We always thought that ridding ourselves of Norv would bring hope.  I don’t think any of us thought it would come so quickly.  When we jumped out to a 28-7 lead on Houston, I think we all wondered what the fuck was going on?  Unfortunately, we suffered through some pretty painful episodes early on.  If that opening meltdown didn’t kill us, the Tennessee and Washington losses sure tried to. But right now we seem like a team that’s “trending upward.”  Everybody wants to be a part of that.  Fan Fest seemed like a good time, even if I was 3,000 miles and two kids away from it.  At 43, it’s amazing to watch a new generation of fans with so much piss and vinegar.  When I was drunk out of my mind at their age and wondering why other fans didn’t seem to “want it” like I did, I’d probably look at the guy I am now as some mellowed-out loser.  Of course, what I didn’t factor in was the perspective and increased responsibility that would accompany those years.  The fans I was comparing myself to had probably been through some pretty big football disappointments.  Considering we’re talking about the Chargers, I’m sure they had.

er_sdvraid335750x002_t940But now it seems like every kid with a backwards baseball hat has a blog with the word “Bolt” in it.  Good for them, seriously.  When Sunday rolls around, we all want the same thing. Tom Telesco seems to be making all the right moves lately.  He gave Danny Woodhead and extension and got Jeromey Clary to take a pay cut.  I’m sure Rivers made no secret how much he liked having Woodhead in the backfield.  As long as he’s not our only goal-line option on the ground (like the aforementioned Washington game) or our primary rushing threat (as he was in our last playoff game), he’s a huge boost.  As for Clary, I will admit that his absence in the loss at Denver was felt.  However, I think that was mostly because we had no one better to replace him.  Clary isn’t the worst offensive lineman ever, but he’s hardly talented.  While it’s admirable that he’s played through injury and all, it would be more helpful if he just played better.  It wasn’t his fault that the Chargers kept him around all these years and signed him to that contract.  But he’s hardly the scapegoat that Kevin Acee has made him out to be.  Acee also defended Jammer, Kaeding and Norv at various stages.

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s our depth on the offensive line better this year?  We all have high hopes for Chris Watt, but can we expect Dunlap to be as good as he was a year ago.  When he was healthy, he played like the guy we thought we had in Jared Gaither.  The players have been swapping sides during camp, as I am sure you have read.  It’s a good idea, considering how often guys get hurt at that spot. Vincent Brown is still out with a calf injury, but he was by far our worst receiver last year.  That was the other position that we had significant injury at.  Had Floyd not gone down, I have no doubt that Keenan Allen wouldn’t have gotten the playing time he did.  Allen has been talking about getting stronger and faster.  Normally, I hate when guys talk shit.  But that position (and the guys who have to defend them) seems to lend itself to ego.  They have to believe these things they say.  I wasn’t a fan of Allen pointing to his back in Denver, but only because we were losing.  At the time, it didn’t even seem like we’d be in a position to make a comeback.  That was what I hated about Jackson.  He’d pull that stuff no matter what.  But when you win, it seems like you are just firing up yourself and the team.  It’s all in the results, I guess.

As Frank Reich “loosens the reins” on The Grand Bolo, will Rivers revert back to the mistakes that so often sunk us the two seasons previous?  I think Rivers has a lot more weapons then he did in those years and he knows it.  If Ladarius Green continues to grow and Floyd can actually stay healthy, Rivers will be able to trust his guys to make plays.  Donald Brown is supposedly a good pass-catcher and we’ve still got Tutu. unnamedlEric Weddle has really become the spokesman for the D.  With his new contract, it will be interesting whether Butler can stay on the field all year and join him.  Will Liuget and Reyes bounce back and prove that AJ did have that one last good draft?  I know that I’m writing questions and not answers, here.  But no one really knows anything yet.  Plus, there hasn’t been any football for me to comment on yet.  That won’t really change on Thursday night with the start of preseason.  But it will be nice for the fans and players to get reacquainted with each other. I will actually be out in the city that night, but will be checking my phone.  I DVR’ed the game and will watch it afterwards.  I’ll post something afterwards, but the Warner clan will be off to Martha’s Vineyard for a week after that.  That’s all for now.  The posts will start coming quicker now.  I leave you with the best piece of music I can think of.  It was too long to post, so the video will have to suffice. JIC, RLW

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