We Should Have All Seen This Coming

I guess at the end of the first half of the New Orleans game, I thought this team might deliver on a promising start.  But New Orleans has a horrid defense and the Bolts STILL couldn’t finish them off.  Denver?  The Bunkos’ kick returners, which looked shaky again last week, helped us get that 24-0 lead.  The Chargers picked up where they were the week before and showed no ability to close out a team.  My God, Rivers couldn’t even lead us to a game winning field goal against FUCKING CLEVELAND. 

Then there was a pick on the one-yard line against the Queefs just to remind us all that even in a win, we couldn’t play smart.  Tampa was another mess and last week looked like that Chicago game last year.  I don’t want to hear any more about how AJ left Rivers with no weapons or that the line sucks.  AJ should be canned, but he’d leave behind one fucked up quarterback for us.  This is the second straight year that Rivers has looked awful.  I still maintain that the 2010 season was where the shittiness began.  Rivers put up great numbers with Tutu, Crayton and McMichael, but didn’t lead us back in a single game.  Fittingly, just one such victory would have won us the division.  Of course, who knows what horrors would have befallen us in January.

As I was watching Stafford, Schaub and RGIII on Thursday, I felt sick.  It wasn’t just the Tryptophan, I had a serious case of quarterback envy.  I can finally see a world where Norv (and maybe even AJ) is fired.  But I really fear what Rivers has become.  It sucks that things are so hopeless before December has even arrived.  A win tomorrow would keep Wild Card hopes alive, but we’d also be closer to being stuck with Norv.

Like you, I’ll be watching.  But as The Boss sings,

Everybody’s got a hunger, a hunger they can’t resist,
There’s so much that you want, you deserve much more than this,
But if dreams came true, oh, wouldn’t that be nice.



RIP, Larry Hagman

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