Monday Morning Rants


I never quote Yahoo! sports pieces, but I felt compelled to link this one.  It was written after the end of last year’s regular season.  You remember, right after the game in Cincy where Rivers threw that costly pick to end the 3rd quarter and Antoine Cason let his man blow right by him?  Thank God those days are over.  Anyway, the article suggests not-so-subtly that Norv and AJ appear to be beyond accountability.  Yesterday, in the instant CBS showed Dean Spanos and LT on the sideline in a hat and towel, I  hoped that the Bolts could win the game for all the long-suffering fans.  I especially wanted the win for all those poor bastards at the game.  You know what happened next.

In a week where people actually SIDED with Norv Turner beforehand, he found a way to squander that goodwill.  My buddy Brooklyn Mike, a long time Jet fan, summed it up aptly in his email to me today:

Yeah, I think both teams are mediocre at best; the difference is Turner got outcoached again.  They came out for the second half and didn’t even try to run more on the Jets.  The Jets just flooded the middle of the field and took away what Rivers likes to do – at that point Turner has to make an adjustment, but of course he is not capable of making those adjustments, he is the worst coach in football.  Teams have been running over the Jets and David Harris (best run stopper) was out for most of the second half.  I totally understand your frustration, Turner must, must be fired.

When I wrote last week: “Sanchez and Burress can’t get on the same page?  It would be just like the Bolts to have that happen against them,” I was just suggesting that the Bolts bring out the best in other team’s players.  Mike’s points are all valid.  He’d like to say that it’s just the Jets’ effect on the Chargers but he and I agree that it is much bigger than that.  I understand what McMichael was saying but you come off like a sore loser when you say the other team had nothing to do with the outcome.  I wrote on Twitter after the game that losers look for calls.  Jammer should know to turn around.  The biggest crime of the week was that the Chargers let Rex Ryan beat them AND quote Anchorman back to them.  I might live in New York, but if San Diegans can’t lay claim to Ron Burgundy then there’s not much left.  I know Mathews and Tolbert were hurt AGAIN, which is concerning in itself.  By the way, would Jordan Todman have at least helped with a called screen somewhere?  But people talk about Norv’s offensive genius when asked about his apparent inability to inspire.  But Mike’s point was the same one Late Night writer and Charger fan extraordinare Eric Stangel made about not taking advantage of the Jets’ troubles stopping the run.  It didn’t have to be Rex Ryan, but it seems that ANYONE other than Norv could have gotten more out of this group.  Cason looked like Cro and Cro looked better than when he left San Diego.  Rivers is good enough to have won a ring with someone, just not apparently the Chargers.  If he really is hurt, by the way, I think he should sit.  I know not everyone agrees with me on that.  I heard Darren Smith on xx1090 today make a good point after he returned from New Orleans for the Sunday Night game.  He mentioned that the Saints have a killer instinct which comes from their coach.  They want to win for him, especially when he gets hurt on the sideline.  If the Bolts ever wanted to perform in defense of Norv, yesterday was their time.  The aforementioned moment right before the first pick are the type of moments that decide games and seasons.  It’s why we watch the games.  If the Bolts fail in those, then his is all for nothing.  When people refer to choking, they don’t mean that we have games in hand but that we always come up short in those spots.  I don’t think the Jets sat in the locker room and said don’t panic because the Chargers will melt down, but they must love to play us.  We unraveled in New England and we unraveled yesterday.  Even this photo of my son sent by my own dad this morning didn’t completely pull me out of my funk.

Kansas City has won 3 straight even with all their injuries.  I have no idea what will happen on Monday Night and I’m not looking forward to it.  After the first Donald Butler TD, my wife asked me why I seemed so angry.  First off, I thought it would somehow get called back.  By the way, why didn’t Norv challenge the spot when Sanchez clearly was stopped on 3rd?  Anyway, I don’t care about Butler and Martin doing the LT flip.  Charger fans needed this game.  LT has done more than us since he left.  As I said when Jackson did it against Miami, no one cared when Shonn Greene did it against us.  Why? No one cares when you win.  The same Plaxico who scored 3 touchdowns against Cason predicted that the Giants would hold the Pats to very few points in the Super Bowl and went on to fall in the tub.  But he caught the winning TD in the Super Bowl.  Santonio Holmes, who caught the winning TD the next year, was sulking on the sidelines yesterday.  He’s one of their captains, but it seems that our problems are always worse than the opposition’s.  If you really wanted it to stick it to LT you should put his team at 3-4 by not unraveling again.

I heard the guys on ESPN say the Chargers could beat the Packers in a few weeks.  We beat the Colts at 13-0 and it didn’t mean a thing.  For us to go out and do the bidding of all underdog supporters and continue to go nowhere is worthless.  As I said, I don’t know what to expect in Kansas City.  It’s not that we lost, but how we lost.  Against New England, the players questioned the passive approach of Manusky.  Since the Jets tried to get Antwan Barnes, I figured the reason Rex Ryan was talking to him after the game was to recruit him for next year.  With games like these, no needs to recruit to get someone out of San Diego.  McMichael was indirectly speaking about our coach.  When Darren Sproles said what every former player does, which is that they practice much harder elsewhere, it’s also an indictment of Norv.  Of course, when Marty keeps hanging around the Jet locker room with a green and white hat on, he forgets that the UFL is the only place he’s won a title.  I never thought he’d do that, but I digress.  Talk to you later in the week.  I still feel sick.


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