I Guess I Have To Say Something

What is most upsetting about last night’s game is that I wasn’t surprised.  Many of you weren’t either.  My wife saw that it was  24-0 at the half but knew it wasn’t over.  Tom Twomey told me he fell asleep at halftime but wasn’t shocked at the outcome.  That’s the saddest statement of all.  Diego, Acee actually Tweeted during the game that it was just a matter of time before Clary “got smoked.”  I called him out on that and saved it. I will post it later in the week.

Whit, I feel just as you do.  Imagine you had to be at the next game as I do?  I can’t even say that I will root for them to lose in order to get Norv canned.  I have as much confidence in his being fired ever as his team putting another one away.

In the pregame, it was nice to hear Rivers say all the right things to Gruden.  But he did all the wrong things.  Yes, Royal and Meachem are slow to come around.  It seems like a healthy Gates can’t get open without a fight.  But Philip can’t underthrow passes.  The line?  He missed on two passes in the first half without pressure being the cause. 

Norv has ruined Rivers.  Maybe that’s not all his fault, Philip’s undying allegiance to him hasn’t paid off.  As my wife said last December, he might love Norv but he’d love winning even more.  Keyshawn Johnson’s pre-game comments that this team isn’t even good enough to put away this division were irritating, but Bolts never disproved them.  Check out this forum.  II found it by searching for “Philip Rivers is a loser.” 

Matt Calkin is the U-T NBA writer who wrote this piece about wanting Norv’s team to lose.  Can’t say I disagree with anything in it right now.  But I must stress that I won’t be convinced that he’s getting canned until it happens.  I also fear someone equally as bad will be hired in his place.  Check out Peter King’s article from when Norval was hired back in 2007. 

I saw this post on ProFootballTalk, which I have always dismissed as a rag.  However, it says a lot of what we are all feeling:

realitycheck21 says: Oct 16, 2012 1:26 AM

Time has come for Rivers’ future with the Chargers to be discussed. These second half meltdowns simply cannot continue. And it’s a given Mathews is a bust and will never match the hype. Chargers had the opportunity last week and this to go to 5-1 and take a commanding 3 game lead in their division. However, as usual the Chargers choked and are falling faster than hell. Trademark of a Turner coached team is, failure to capitalize on key opportunities and destined to mediocrity. The Charger culture needs a shakedown at it’s core. As a 30 yr Charger fan, I am fed up with implosions and mediocrity. Spanos clan: Give us a true contender with mental fortitude and a smash mouth attitude. Oh and at least one SB championship in my lifetime would be awesome.

Mathews?  I can’t even say that he was rising to the occasion last night.  Gruden claimed he looked lethargic, but also said we were a good screen team.  Both statements are bullshit.  I don’t know if the screens that got snuffed out were the result of the blocking or Mathews.  I know that Von Miller got hurt ON A SACK and we couldn’t take advantage.  I know that as bad as Cason is, Gilchrist got burned by Brandon Stokely.  I know we actually got a lucky call on their offensive PI.  The false starts on Rivers were bad, but we played through them.

We had that lead as a result mainly of 2 special teams fumbles and the Jammer pick.  Manning said after the game that he wondered if “it just wasn’t meant to happen” for Denver last night.  That’s the way Charger fans always feel.  Nick Canepa was right that it was pathetic how the media fawned all over Peyton at the end.  But just like the Pats celebrating on 1/14/07, I blame the Bolts for allowing it to happen.  Yes, Nick, we never liked what Eli did.  But we hate choking even more.  I leave you with the best scene in “Glory,” where Denzel Washington (who won an Oscar for this role) and Morgan Freeman have it out.  I’ve changed the words a bit to reflect how I feel about our quarterback, coach, GM and owner.

Get your hands off me, gravedigger.

Goddamn it. Does the whole world
gotta stomp in your face?

Charger, get your hands off me.

Ain’t no Chargers here.

So the white man give you a couple of stripes…next thing you know, you hollerin’ and orderin’ everybody around like you the massa himself. Charger, you ain’t nothin’ but the white man’s dog.

And what are you?  So full of hate you wanna fight everybody…cause you’ve been whipped and chased by hounds.

That might not be livin’, but it sure ain’t dyin’.

And dying’s what these fans been doin’ for goin’ on three years now.

Dyin’ by the thousands.

Dyin’ for you, fool!

I know, ’cause l dug the graves.  And all the time I’m diggin’, I’m asking myself, “When?”

When, O Lord, is it gonna be our time?”

Time’s comin’ when we’re gonna have to ante up.

Ante up and kick in like men.

Like men!
You watch who you call a Charger.

If there’s any Chargers around here, it’s you.

Smart-mouth, stupid-ass,

swamp-running Charger.

If you ain’t careful,
that’s all you ever gonna be.

PS The fact that Dan Fouts had to witness that from the radio booth makes it that much worse.

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